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Myfilo Logistics - About Us

Established by Halit Karakuş in 2010 to provide domestic and international transportation services, the company has opened branch offices in many provinces of our country, especially Ankara, over time, has opened representative offices and agencies in many countries in order to carry out the operation in a healthy way in line with the requirements of the sector. formed a staff of experienced personnel, and started to offer trouble-free transportation services by placing their work in a certain system.

Leaving its 10th year behind in the sector, expanding and developing its activities in the field of transportation day by day, following the technological developments closely, our company acts with the motto of "trust first" and "quality service", With its structure that produces rational solutions, it continues its growth rate with determination in this way that it started years ago.

Our organization, which is a member of the International Transporters Association (UND) and has a C2 authorization certificate, brings vitality to the sector by increasing its current capital day by day, and is taking firm steps towards gaining a corporate identity with its important project works.

From Europe to Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, Russia, our organization having quite a large work area extending to or Ukraine, export and import freight transportation, as well as the transport of third-country freight group being moved to a transit pass through Turkey also successful realizes.

MyFilo Logistics, which does not limit its field of activity to standard loads, also carries out the transportation of transportable cargoes of all kinds of cargo groups, provides important services in areas such as out of gauge heavy transportation, frigo truck transportation, container transportation, partial cargo transportation and truck transportation, and performs the transportation of all cargo groups meticulously shows a successful operation graphic by ensuring the delivery of the loaded goods to the destinations in a short time.